Manakamana Cable Car Project (Kurintar, Chitwan)

Manakamana Cable Car is the only one cable car in the country. For a country like Nepal where construction of roads is very expensive, the Cable Car can be a great relief and time saver.

This cable car carries hundreds of devotees and religious tourists to the famous temple of Manakamana in Gorkha district each year. The 3 km Cable Car Project was constructed under strict supervision of Dopple Maier of Austria. The most challenging part of the construction was transportation of assembled tower by helicopter and erecting them directly on the foundation. This method was used for the first time in Nepal and was highly successful. Thirteen towers were erected within 6 hours.

Project Manakamana Cable Car Project (Kurintar, Chitwan)
Location Kurintar, Chitwan
Client Manakamana Darshan (Pvt) Ltd.
Consultant Doppler Maier
Purpose Passenger transportation from Cheres to Manakamana
Works Civil work, Erection of 20 numbers of towers, stringing, final tensioning
Total length 3 Km
Period of Construction November 1997 – November 1998